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Organic Body Apothecary


Mystic Glow Organic Body Apothecary creates and stocks products that do not contain any animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients.


Mystic Glow Organic Body Apothecary creates and stocks high-quality products, using processes that do not harm neither the environment, nor human or animal health and welfare.

Cruelty Free

Mystic Glow Organic Body Apothecary’s product or its ingredients have not been tested on animals by a supplier, manufacturer, producer or any third-party entity.

We are driven by values

“ We, at Mystic Glow, strive towards running a vintage organic apothecary where all your favorite holistic products and needs are readily available at just the click of a button. We believe in inclusivity, sustainability, natural healing, and healthy living and we work hard to create…”

Hi I have been using my candle for about 4months now and it has been very useful and amazing! It relaxes me, and most of all it soothes my skin. I use it on a weekly basis. My skin feels so soft and relaxed. Best Apothecary candle by far. The wow factor for me is the softness when it gets in contact with your skin! Thank you Mystic Glow Organic Body Apothecary!!!
Melissa Verwey Enslin
I would Highly recommend Mystic Glow Organic Body Apothecary! They have amazing products at super affordable prices!
Lara Muller
OMGOSH your massage candles are amazing. Absolutely love them
Cheri Lee Joselyn