About Us

About us

We, at Mystic Glow, strive towards running a vintage organic apothecary where all your favorite holistic products and needs are readily available at just the click of a button. We believe in inclusivity, sustainability, natural healing, and healthy living and we work hard to create an environment where all this is possible. We are very new, but with our combined skills and experience, continuing on this trajectory to the top is all but guaranteed. We are ever-growing and improving to ensure we are always keeping our customers’ needs in mind.

We are going for a rustic vintage theme that mystically combines both masculine elements of wrought iron, copper, whiskey barrels, and reclaimed wood with feminine elements of aesthetic designs of intricate art, chocolate, mason jars, and gold with floral and vintage equestrian pieces. We want to create a warm environment whereby you feel the history of an apothecary’s use for healing while being in a place of peace and relaxation where nature is all but at your fingertips.

Starting online as we are is just the stepping-stone we need for our customers to trust our products and services until they are sought after enough for a shop to be opened. We are starting small, but definitely aiming for the stars.

To begin, we are introducing a small range of affordable organic soy massage candles. They are infused with high-quality French essential oils and have a creamy, moisturizing texture. They leave no residue and soak right into the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. They are double-use candles that can be used to fill your room with a lovely subtle fragrance, or by using the melted wax to moisturize your cuticles or even give a relaxing massage.

Whenever possible, we aim to produce a new product, trying our best to create them as unisex and multi-use. We want to work towards having beard oils; body balms and butters; scrubs, masks, body spritz’, aftershave balms, oils and creams; lip care and so much more. All these products will be able to be bought online as well as be included in our monthly well-being subscription boxes that we are in the process of creating.

Adding to this, we want to hire the best people we can (when we are able to open a shop) to provide massages, facials, eyelash extensions, etc. with each person we add to our team being qualified, certified, and willing to do their all to ensure your complete relaxation.

We are so looking forward to having you be a part of our journey.

We are sending you all our love and positive energy.

The Mystic Glow Team.

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